Moby Dick

Moby Dick

On the 25th of September 2016 was the world premiere of the modern opera Moby Dick composed by Mischa Tangian on the libretto of Dorothea Hartmann. The opera is based on the nover of Herman Melville.

Picture: © Staatsoper Hannover

Conducter:   Mark Rohde
Director: Friederike Karig
Stage: Christine Hielscher
Costumes: Dennis Ennen
Sounddesign:   Lukas Truniger
Light: Uwe Wegner
Ismael: Lukas Benjamin Engel
Ahab: Frank Schneiders
Starbuck: Gevorg Aperánts
Stubb: Byung Kweon Jun
Flask: Michael Chacewicz
Queequeg: Martin Busen
Parth: Jan Szurgot
Pip: Karine Minasyan / Ylva Stenberg


25 September 2016


Staatsoper Hannover