Tonight, tonight

The most recognisable duet from the legendary Broadway musical West Side Story of L. Bernstein and S. Sondheim, performed by Jerica Steklasa and Gevorg Aperánts on their television appearance on the Dutch television program Podium Witteman. They are accompanied on the grand piano by Ad Broeksteeg.

Requiem für Auschwitz

The World premiere of "Requiem für Auschwitz" in the "Nieuwe Kerk" in Amsterdam on the 3rd of May 2012.
Played by the Roma and Sinti Philharmonics from Frankfurt am Main together with the Amsterdam Student Choir.
Conducted by Riccardo M. Sahiti.

Kristina Bitenc (Soprano)
Kadri Tegelmann (Alt)
Gevorg Aperánts Hakobjan (Tenor)
Laurent Deleuil (Bas)